What are my options for severely asymmetric jaw and face? (Photo)

My upper jaw is on a complete angle leaning towards the left side of my face. I have worn braces and my teeth are quite straight. The right side of my face is much more prominent and is causing pull on that side of the face, creating a dropping effect. The left side of my face looks very flat and concave as if it's caving in. I have two completely different profiles from the side and an asymmetrical pull on my eyes.I was wondering what type of surgery I would require to balance my face.

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Facial asymmetry

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You are very astute in your facial analysis.  Either the right side of your face grew more than the left or the left did not develop properly (probably the latter).  What we usually do with asymmetries like yours is try to make the "weaker" side (your left) match the "good" side (your right side) with facial implants, often placed over the cheekbone and side of the lower jaw.  Additionally, a "leveling genioplasty" is performed to straighten the chin out and provide symmetry.   I suggest you seek consultation with a surgeon familiar with treatment of patients with asymmetries such as yours. 

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