What Are my Options for a Revision Rhinoplasty As Surgeon Said It Would Be to Risky? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago abroad. I had a small bump in the bridge of my nose and it twisted to the right. The bump was removed but I had no tip work done at all. It still seems really asymmetrical to me. Would minor tip surgery help this? What price will I be looking at approx? (I am in the UK). My surgeon said it would be too risky to operate again and that applying massage would help the shape? I would really appreciate some expert second opinions please. Thank-you so much in advance.

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Risk of Revision Rhinoplasty

I respectfully disagree with the surgeon in England who said that a revision would be too risky. Massage will not improve the appearance of your nose 5 years after the surgery. Depending on what is done the operation will cost $5,000-9,000.

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Revision rhinoplasty for asymmetrical nose

The photos do show asymmetry in the upper lateral cartilage area bilaterally,  and an asymmetrical, dependent tip. Revision surgery would certainly be acceptable to undergo to address the tip asymmetry, the mid vault asymmetry, and any other presenting issues found at the time of consultation and examination. Best to seek out an experienced rhinoplasty surgery  for best results. Please see the link below for asymmetric noses we have repaired.

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Asymmetry, nasal tip

I cannot tell whether you bony pyramid is off center, but if it is you will need osteotomies(bone cuts) to straighten the nose. Doing a revision now is not dangerous and not too risky. You bones are fixed and therefore massage would not help. From your photos, your tip look great and would not help the asymmetry



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