What Are my Options for my Ugly Stomach? 3 C-sections and Scared of a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 41 and have had 3 c sections and I cant get this stomach toned up :( I am a little scared of a Tummy tuck because of the pain I experienced from the c-sections. Are there any non-invasive procedures that could solve my problem? thanks in advance!

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Tummy tuck

Your best option is clearly a full tummy tuck probably with muscle tightening.  the recovery will be somewhat easier than your C-section, but it does involve a long scar.  Unfortunately, other options such as a mini tummy tuck or lipo simply will not give you as good a result.  So called non invasive procedures, such as layering the skin, simply will not work.

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Tummy tuck is the answer


There are nonsurgical options for abdominal contouring such as Coolsculpting and diet and exercise programs. You will lose the fatty volume but the skin will not retract and the tethering scar will not change. The tummy tuck would resolve these issues and give a lovely contour to your abdomen. the abdominal muscles will be brought back together and create a pleasing contour to the abdomen. Local anesthetic blocks at the time of surgery will significantly reduce the pain and speed your recovery.Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to consult. You will be pleased with your result.



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Tummy tuck will give you best result

Due to the apparent laxity of skin, I would recommend a tummy tuck for the best result. The scar can be kept quite low and the  resulting contour will be much better than any type of liposuction procedure. Please meet with a few board certified plastic surgeons for an in depth evaluation in person. The scar of a tummy tuck is typically well worth the contour that you will receive in exchange.Best wishes, Dr.William Bruno




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Non-Surgical Alternatives To A Tummy Tuck

Your concerns are shared by many women who wish to improve the appearance of her stomach without undergoing a tummy tuck procedure.  Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical options to address the stretched skin and bulging muscles in the abdominal area.  A tummy tuck is designed to remove the excess skin and fat as well as tighten the muscles of your abdominal wall.  I have had many patients who have been working with a 'trainer' who claims that they can improve their abdominal area with exercise alone.  This is highly unrealistic and leads to significant disappointment (although the benefits of an exercise routine are fantastic in other ways!).  

You should discuss your primary concerns with a plastic surgeon who can guide you appropriately to your best treatment option.  Believe it or not, most of my patients tell me that the tummy tuck recovery is much easier than the c-section recovery.  I hope this information helps.  Best wishes!

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Tummy tuck is the best option for a prominent stomach following 3 c-sections

A tummy tuck is still the best option for someone like yourself, who has had 3 c-sections.  There are no non-invasive procedures or treatments which will remove the excess stretched skin and also tighten the abdominal muscles.  local pain blocks or pain pumps can be used after the surgery along with oral pain medications and muscle relaxants to help minimize post operative discomfort.  Best wishes.

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Options for an ugly stomach.

Thank you for your question. GIven your history and photos the only real option is an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.  Any other "non invasive" procedure will not give you a satisfactory result and would be a total waste of your money. If pain is a concern there are a number of different options to control this problem, such as the use of pain pumps. These devices slowly pump in a local anesthesia for several days after surgery to control any discomfort.  I would seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him/her. 

Donald M. Brown, MD
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Tummy tuck after 3 C-sections can be done with less pain

With your history and the pictures you posted, there is little question that a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) will give you the best result. Liposuction, whether smart lipo, smooth lipo, VASER, or any other, will not tighten the skin enough and could create new problems such as scarring. I have been involved in noninvasive technology such as Liposonix and would not recommend that for you either. The good news is that pain can be very well controlled with either an On-Q pain pump or a new product called Exparel. Both of these provide a numbing effect in the surgical area for about 3 days so you don't feel as much pain and don't need to take narcotic medications as much.

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Ugly stomach options

I'm afraid there are no non-invasive ways to fix your abdominal problem.  Tummy tuck, however, should do the trick.  It is painful for the first few days post-op, but with pain meds. and perhaps a pain pump, you should be able to tolerate this well.

Michael Leff, MD
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Tummy Tuck

Based on your pictures, you look like a good candidate for tummy tuck.  However, you would need to be evaluated in person to know for sure.  During the tummy tuck, your extra skin, fat and stretch marks would be excised (removed) and your muscles tightened.  There are no non-invasive techniques that would match the results that you could achieve with tummy tuck surgery.


Good Luck.

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What Are my Options for my Ugly Stomach? 3 C-sections and Scared of a Tummy Tuck?

Thanks for the posted photos. Unfortunately there are no non invasive therapies that could correct your abdominal issues. The choice is a TUMMY TUCK. 

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