What Are my Options for Hypertrophic Chin Scar Revision?

I am a general physician and suffered a laceration to my right chin 5 weeks ago. I was struck on chin with a squash racquet. My colleague, an ER physician sutured the laceration but did not use any buried stitches. He tried his best to approximate the wound. I have been using kelocoate twice a day. The laceration is approximately 3/4s of an inch. I am concerned about scar thickness and i am wondering what my options are i.e. early laser, w plasty or geometric closure in 6 months.

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Scar on the chin - concerns regarding appearance

From the low resolution photos, the scar does not appear to be hypertrophic but it is a little wide. This is not surprising given that there was only a one layer closure. You may want to consider having it revised it at this point in time as it is already wide. It would be prudent to see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who could examine this closely and provide you with the various options.

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Hypertrophic scar on the chin

The simplest thing to try now is steroid injection in the scar. If that is not satisfactory, the scar can be revised to reorient it more vertical along minimal tension lines followed by a little dermabrasion/laser resurfacing 6 weeks later.

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Options for scars on the chin in hair bearing areas of the chin and jawline

This scar will require revision, including surgical scar excision, early laser treatment, and possible hair grafting to restore the area of hair loss.  I would consult a plastic surgeon to discuss these options in detail.  

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Steroids/silicone sheeting now......



You can try a few steroid injections and silicone sheeting now. If this is not effective in 6-12 months get a proper scar revision.


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