What are my options to fix two molars that have shifted in? (photo)

I had braces, wore a retainer off and on for 8 years, and now two of my molars on my left side have shifted in (before I had braces, the same two molars were shifted in, but much worse.) Whenever I smile in pictures, it looks like those two teeth are missing, and only my very back two molars are visible. I would rather not get traditional braces again. Is there another way I can fix this problem?

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What are my options to fix two molars that have shifted in?

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It appears that the entire right side of your upper arch is underdeveloped which is causing the lower molars to tip towards your tongue. Do you have a breathing problem in your right nostril? Do you mouth breathe? Sleep issues?

There are removable dental appliances that can develop your upper dental arch evenly. See DNA appliance or Homeoblock appliance. Once your upper jaw is fully developed symmetrically then your lower molars can be uprighted again and stay in position.

Good luck!

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