What Are my Option/is the Best Route for Correcting my Facial Asymmetry & Balancing out my Features? (photo)

The right side of my face is not as full as the left side. I've slept almost exclusively on that side of my face my whole life so Im not sure if that is what caused it. What options are there to help correct it? Also, I'd like to have my cheeks & chin done to help balance & fill out my narrow face to better fit my features. Are implants the only option? Is a permanent filler suitable for what I want done? I'd rather have implants as a last resort.

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Options for correcting facial asymmetry and balancing features

The best option for filling out one side of the face to match the other side is a unilateral small cheek implant.  A one-sided cheek implant can be performed as an outpatient procedure under either local or general anesthesia depending upon the patient and surgeon’s needs, wishes, and desires.  The implant is inserted through the intraoral approach just above the upper teeth and placed over the maxilla on the flat side to match the high side.  This usually takes approximately a half an hour under either local or general anesthesia.  This procedure will balance the facial features and make the cheeks more symmetrical.

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Options for correcting facial asymmetry

Most people have some asymmetry to their face and their are several options which can be considered for correction.  Injectable fillers and fat transfer are good options for smaller corrections, larger defects may require implants.   Reviewing your photographs it appears your chin is rather retruded and likely needs an implant for correction.  Other areas of the midface and lower face are likely to be improved with injection or fat transfer.  A comprehensive consultation with an experienced facial plastic surgeon to discuss your options is the best place to start.

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Face Asymmetry

There are many isssues

1: mandible seems hypoplastic. Make sure the bite is normal

2: Bulge in the lower face , could be fat could be masseter muscle, need to examine.

3: Lack of fat in the preparotid area, may need fat transfer. this will round the face some.

4: cheeks, fat transfer may give fullness and more rounding of the face

5: chin receeded. If bite is normal then an implant or fat transfer. A little at a time, the area is not forgiving.

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What Are my Option/is the Best Route for Correcting my Facial Asymmetry & Balancing out my Features?

  Aesthetically speaking, the profile view reveals a very weak chin.  The chin can be augmented with a chin implant to balance the lower face on profile.  From the front view, the cheeks appear flat and there is evidence of excess fatty tissue over the lower face.  Micro-liposuction and cheek implants would be appropriate in improving the overall aesthetics, of the face, creating a naturally, more attractive face.  

  Be certain, the plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you select, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  Hope this helps.

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What Are my Option/is the Best Route for Correcting my Facial Asymmetry & Balancing out my Features?

Everyone has facial asymmetry. It is more obvious in some patients and less so in others. Beside implants, such as jaw and cheek implants, you can have fat transfer to your jaw and midface to make them appear fuller.

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What Are my Option/is the Best Route for Correcting my Facial Asymmetry & Balancing out my Features? (photo)

Sculptra is used exactly for this purpose.  It adds volume where you want in the face.  A skilled injector can determine best where to place the product to your face has symmetry and added volume.  It takes about 30 days to see the results of Sculptra. You can add more if needed.

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