What is my Option of Eyesight Treatment with a -6.0 in Both Eyes and a Central Corneal Thickness of 413 and 427?

I am 27 and have a prescription of -6.0 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 413 (right eye) and 427 (left eye). So, Lasik is not an option for me. The surgeon recommends ICL but says it has its complexities. Also, in my area all advanced treatments are not available. I need your advice on what other suitable option do i have, coz I really want to get rid of my glasses.

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The best option for you would be to go with ICL. Because your corneas are too think for a Lasik/PRK procedure, the safest way to get rid of your glasses would be to go with ICL

Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist

Thin Corneas: When Lasik Is Not An Option

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You are certainly not a candidate for either Lasik or PRK, as your cornea is too thin to tolerate either. It does seem, though, with the information you presented, to be an excellent candidate for an Intraocular Contact Lens(ICL) in each eye. It is true that this procedure is a little more complicated than a surface laser treatment. There are more steps to the procedure and, it is usually performed in an operating room, so the cost is higher. I usually perform ICL surgery on both eyes on the same day, but not all surgeons will agree to this. It sounds like you will do great with ICL surgery and, if you don't want to wear glasses or contacts, this is really the only procedure available to you.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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