1 Day PO, I Got 335cc High Profile Under the Muscle. They Are Huge and So Very High, Will They Go Down?

I am hoping that they will go down in size? I am so scared they are going to be this massive and high!! Hopefully they are very swollen. I got Silicone Anatomicals for a natural look.

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1 Day PO, I Got 335cc High Profile Under the Muscle. They Are Huge and So Very High, Will They Go Down?

One day after surgery is far too early to judge size, shape, and projection.  What you describe is very common and I expect the swelling to go down soon and for the implants to settle into their final position over the next several weeks and months.  Relax and follow your surgeon's instructions.  Wishing you all the best.

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1 Day PO, I Got 335cc High Profile Under the Muscle. They Are Huge and So Very High, Will They Go Down?

Hi Hayley. I hope that in the few days since your surgery, you’ve seen the swelling go down a little and had a chance to talk to your surgeon about your fears. It’s very normal for women to think their breasts look too high and round immediately after surgery. There is a lot of swelling at first, and it takes time for the muscles and tissues to stretch and for the implants to “settle.” That’s why I always tell my patients that their final results might not be visible for several months. Good luck!

Andrew Smith, MD, FACS
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1 Day post op, they are huge and very high. Will they go down

Yes! Don't worry.  At one day post-op, you will be swollen and very high.  Continue to follow your surgeon's post op instructions and try to be patient.  I know it's hard, but you should notice them changing in shape and dropping over the next few weeks to months.  ac

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dont worry just wait huge and high implant

Implant settles gradually over the time. there is always post operative swelling on day one so it looks bigger at present . if you have decided size preoperatively with help of external seizer which is our routine practice, it settles +/- 5% to your desired size

Milan Doshi, MS, MCh
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One day post-op with breast augmentation

At day one after breast augmentation surgery, the breasts are going to be swollen and things are going to look bigger. Be patient.

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Implants too full on top

and you should keep your surgeon advised of your concerns.   Implants do drop and settle but less so with textured anatomic implants but your surgeon should be advising you on manipulations that may help your final position.  Avoid going to the 'peanut gallery' for opinions and advice and stay with your surgeon, whom you selected from many and who also shares your goals to have the best result possible.

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Breast changes after augmentation surgery

Hello and thank you for your question. 

I always tell my patients before surgery that they will have to be patient because their breasts in the immediate post operative period will look very different three months down the road (in a good way!)

So just try to be patient!


Swelling is Common Early After Breast Augmentation

Dear hayley12,

After breast augmentation, swelling is very common, and the implants usually start high and "settle" down after several weeks to months as the tissues relax. After the swelling has resolved and the implants drop, your breasts will usually appear smaller and less full.

Please be sure to see your plastic surgeon regularly in followup. Swelling can sometimes be a sign of complication such as hematoma.

Best wishes for your recovery,

Larry Fan, MD

Larry Fan, MD
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Breast implants high

Hello Hayley

If you were my patient, you would be encouraged to contact me to discuss the concerns that you have. You have placed your trust in your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. I would strongly suggest you contact him, as he is best placed to give you the relevant information.

Essentailly, it may just be early days and things will settle down. Or you may have a postoperative complication going on.

I wish you well.

1 Day PO, I Got 335cc High Profile Under the Muscle. They Are Huge and So Very High, Will They Go Down?

Breast implants all stay high, swollen, firm, and malpositioned for a few weeks to a few months. Just relax and don't stress for the first several weeks. Have your PS reassure you as well.

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