Can You Make my Obliques Match? (photo)

Hi. I had a rhinoplasty in 1998. It was perfect, but I bumped my nose really hard on the left side three weeks after the surgery. My obliques look very different. Can you make them match? A tip plasty won't hurt either. I want to get this fixed before Christmas 2012. I live in NYC and am willing to spend whatever it takes.

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It may or may not be possible.

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The two sides of the face are almost never perfectly symmetric and the same can apply often to the nose.  If the dorsum or middle vault or tip is deviated or even the internal septum is deviated the two 3/4 views will look different.  Your tip and columella do look asymmetric and this may have been present all along or it may be as a result of the trauma you sustained.  The pictures you posted are too small and low resolution to judge and without seeing your nose and examining it inside and out, its impossible to tell how much improvements could be made.  But it may be possible depending on multiple anatomic factors.  Most good surgeons are too busy to be able to squeeze you in before Christmas of this year.  Start looking but dont rush into a mistake and regret it later on.

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