Will my Nostrils Stay Uneven After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty done 1 wk ago after years of being unhappy with my uneven nostrils and bulbous tip. I am due to have the cast off in 3 days time. I had the packs removed from my nostrils 3 days after the op and my nostrils looked even and rounder. However, the last day or so it appears to me that the nostrils have gone back to being quite uneven. I know it can take a year sometimes for swelling to go down, but on looking at these pics can anyone advise if my septum is still off centre?

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Dear Rhino80,  swelling after surgery is the norm especially at one week. At this point I would not be overly concerned if one side is uneven as this may be due to asymmetrical edema (swelling in the tissues). I would recommend  discussing these concerns with your surgeon.

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Dear Rhino 80: It is difficult is not impossible to tell with your nasal dressing still on. Do you have splints inside the nose? In comparing your pre-op and post-op view it appears the caudal septal deflection has been corrected. Questions of nostril asymmetry( if present) should be directed to your surgeon. Remember patience is a virtue.

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