One of my Nostrils is Narrower Inside Post-op? (photo)

It's tough for me to explain but I'll try... Cartilage that separates two nostrils/sides of the nose is more towards the right side. Before surgery it wasn't like this. When I inhale, left nostril closes properly but right stays more 'open'. Also, there's more space in the left side of my nose than the right side. It seems like the cartilage on the right is covering most space inside my nostril. Why did this happen? My tip was just lifted and trimmed a little bit for the droopiness.

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One of my Nostrils is Narrower Inside Post-op?

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Dear Germangirl,

Thank you for your photo and question.  First, the nostril is not supposed to close when you inhale.  This is a sign of a weak cartilage support.  Its hard to see whats going on from such a small photo, but the part of the cartialge that seems to be projecting into the nostril is what is called the 'foot plate' of the lower alar cartilage.  It seems that it is slightly over projecting rather than sitting down.  I suggest you express your concerns to your surgeon. 

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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