My Nostrils Are Asymmetrical, is This a Problem?

I am not big on nostril knowledge, but my two nostrils are pretty right nostril is much more round than the left, and I rarely ever breathe through my left one. I used to get nosebleeds a lot, but none lately. My nose is round and in general I just don't like it. Is the asymmetrical nostrils a medical problem?

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Correcting asymmetrical nostrils...

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Depending on the angle of view, many individuals possess significant asymmetry in their noses.  Typically, this is not a medical problem and is therefore not covered by Insurance.  Sometimes, a nostril asymmetry can cause a breathing problem.  One way to test for this is to perform a forceful inspiration through the nose.  If the nostril collapses, blocking airflow, then this could be an external or internal nasal obstruction and possibly be considered for insurance coverage.

Asymmetrical Nostrils

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The symmetry of your nostrils can be improved with rhinoplasty surgery. It sounds like you need more than just tip surgery.. Pictures would help answer your question. On my website there are instructions regarding views you should submit for nasal evaluation.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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