Why is my Nostril Swollen? (photo)

My nostril is swollen four days after i squeezed a blackhead (bad, I know). Immediately afterwards, it was swollen and I assumed it would go away. Around three or four days later now, it's still swollen, not a lot, but it's there. It doesn't hurt and I can't figure out why. I have a septum piercing but I don't believe that to be the reason. Can anyone help me, why is my nostril swollen? What can I do? I have included pictures, the black dot is the side the nostril is swollen on

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Nostril swollen...



It's probably just your skin/tissues reacting to the inflammation that was caused by the blackhead and the trauma of squeezing it. I would recommend an anti-inflammatory medication like Advil for now. Just wait and see. It should resolved in a week or so. If it persists, have it examined by your family doctor.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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