8 weeks post op and my right nostril flares out. Is My Nostril Look Complete Opposite from Each Other?

I'm 8 weeks post up and my right nostril flares out unlike my left which is the "tear drop" look my Dr said he will give me..I absolutely love my left nostril shape..my right nostril there seem to be something maybe cartilage or scar tissue there and that may explain why it flares out and does not look even with my left nostril. I see my Dr in one month. Until then can anyone help me figure out what is it in my right nostril and can it be fixed? Thanks

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Nostril Shape Early After Rhinoplasty

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  Every patient will have some degree of asymmetry with regard to the nostrils.   Swelling early can be a factor.  Sometimes there can be hardening or tethering from the scar that can distort the nostril.  Just talk with your surgeon and give it some time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Nostrils Look Different

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You are extremely early post surgery and can expect things to continue settling in the months to come. Most people have asymmetric nostrils to begin with. Being that said, down the road if you are still unhappy just talk to your surgeon. Sometimes cartilage grafts or partial excision of tissue can help with symmetry. I use cartilage grafts very often in the nostril for shaping.

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Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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