Will my Nostril Asymmetry Settle Post Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am two and a half weeks post open septorhinoplasty and although am so far happy with my new nose, I can not help but focus on my now obvious uneven nostrils. My left nostril is much larger on frontal view (the side which the incision has been made) I know they say that there is much swelling at this stage, but due to the vast asymmetry, will this settle or should I contact my surgeon with my concerns?

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Nostril Asymmetry Post Rhinoplasty

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Two and a half weeks is still too early in the healing process to determine. I would suggest being a bit more patient and waiting for a couple of months. If you are still concerned, consult with your surgeon.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Assymetry post rhinoplasty

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After an open rhinoplasty there will be sutures inside the nostril rim and these can distort the nostril shape.  This combined with swelling can cause the assymetry you see.  If you are concerned though you should feel free to contact the surgeon and they should be able to put your mind at ease.


Jeremy Hunt


Too early to say if nostrils will remain asymmetric after rhinoplasty.

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I see the asymmetry of your nostrils that is concerning you. However, you're so close to the day of your operation it's impossible to make a judgment about how things will change going forward.

Early asymmetry after a rhinoplasty is normal

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You are still very early in the healing process and it is way too early to judge your result or symmetry issues.  More than likely it will improve with time. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Asymmetry after rhinoplasty surgery

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Very often after rhinoplasty surgery asymmetry of various features of the nose may be seen. These imperfections in results are more likely to be temporary when they are early in the healing process. Anything less than 6 months after rhinoplasty surgery is relatively early in the healing process and if the imperfection is minor, it is best to wait to see if it will resolve with massage, steroid injections, and time.  A patient who has concerns about their results at any point in the recovery process should address it with their surgeon. 

Nostrils and rhinoplasty

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Dear onthestraightandnarrow,

  • It is still very early in the healing process
  • The tip and the nostrils may continue to change for at least the next six months
  • You should bring up your concerns to your surgeon, and just give it time, asymmetric swelling is normal

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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