Can my Nose Be Worked On? African American Rhinoplasty. (photo)

I understand that my nose is too wide and it looks undefined from the front however from the side you can see that my nostrils are shaped nicely, just too large. What procedures would you suggest I specifically ask for?

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Ethnic rhinioplasty for African American nose

In the ethnic nose, osteotomies are usually very important to narrow the entire upper two-thirds of the nose.  Weir alarplasty incisions are performed to narrow the nostrils.  The bulbous tip is best addressed with either a simple cartilage removal and/or suturing techniques depending upon the degree of bulbosity of the tip itself.

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African American Rhinoplsty- Look for Experience

Your comments are correct and your pictures are somewhat typical for an African American Rhinoplasty. The base of the nose is too wide, the tip is poorly defined, and the tip hangs down just a bit too much from the side.One of the difficulties of many African American rhinoplasty's is that the skin tends to be thick and the tip cartilage tends not to be very strong. In order to add defintion to the tip, you need to modify the tip cartilage. Most tip cartilage modification will also weaken the tip support. In your case, the tip cartilage will need to be refined while adding strength. There are specific techniques that can accomplish this.The base of the nose will need to be narrowed as well, keeping the nostril shape the same while making the bottom of the nose narrower from the front. The tip of the nose will need to be raised to keep it from looking "droopy" over time. All of this can be done very nicely but does take a higher level of expertise than the typical caucasian rhinoplasty. Make sure that the surgeon you see has done a lot of these.

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Rhino Work

The nostrils can be tricky!  The surgical keys are nasal tip placement & shape, alar/base changes, and direct nostril manipulation by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon.

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African-American rhinoplasty.

I have found in more than 35 years of doing A-A rhinoplasty that subtle changes in narrowing the nostrils and or the bridge,etc make the most attractive and natural look. Choose an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best result. 

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You want someone experienced in African American Rhinoplasty

Dear MidwesternGal,

African American rhinoplasty has its own nuances and requires a surgeon who is experienced in dealing with the different thickness in the skin as well as the typically softer cartilage. Moreover, for you specifically you are looking to have your nostrils narrowed (alar base reduction) and doing this procedure well again requires someone who has experience so that you do not end up with that pasted down, Michael Jacksonisk look. You can read more in our blog by looking up alar base reduction

Good luck

Peyman Solieman, MD

Peyman Solieman, MD
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