Can my Nose Width Be Narrowed and Dorsal Hump Removed?

here is my picture i'm quite worried about the appearance of my nose, that makes me look weird all the time. Now i've decided to opt for a rhinoplasty. And my question is i already had a nose operation because of the breathing problem, i heard that the second operation seems to be much complicated, is it true? i want my nose hump to be removed as well as the nose to be narrowed, is this possible?

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Rhinoplasty to Narrow Nose and Remove Dorsal Hump

You are correct that revision surgery can be more difficult than a primary operation. However, in most noses this means that the surgery will take a little longer when done by a surgeon who specializes in this operation. An experienced surgeon will establish reasonable expectations and discuss possible risks. The structures you want to change were probably not touched when you had your septoplasty to improve your breathing. The most difficult revisions are nose where too much has been removed, which is obviously not your problem. You want to remove the hump, narrow the nose, and raise the tip.

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Narrowing nose width and dorsal hump removal

One of the major goals of a rhinoplasty is to remove the hump and narrow the nasal bridge.  This can certainly be done quite easily and is considered a primary rhinoplasty.  If a septoplasty has been preformed in the past, it will not affect the rhinoplasty result.  The septoplasty and the rhinoplasty are 2 separate operations.

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Can my Nose Width Be Narrowed and Dorsal Hump Removed?

 From the photos, there does appear to be a dorsal hump.  Closed Rhinoplasty with medial and lateral osteotomies would reduce the dorsal humop and narrow the nose.  I have performed Rhinoplasty, for over 20 years and yes, Revision Rhinoplasty is a quantum level more difficult than a Primary Rhinoplasty.  You should be sure to select a well experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  Hope this helps.

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