My nose gets wide and curves down when I smile. Can Botox fix it or Rhinoplasty?

As I said, My nose gets wide and curves down when I smile, can rhinoplasty or any Botox injections or something like that fix that? I don't like the way I look, I don't think I'm terribly ugly but I think I'm well below average, I see a lot of before and after pictures of rhinoplasty that made ugly people beautiful, I think my forehead is big, my head is wierd, my ears are sticking out a bit, and my nose (which is one of my biggest concerns) curves down a bit and it's rather large, so I'm wondering if rhinoplasty is enough to make me pretty or are my other disadvantages would still make me ugly

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Botox or Rhinoplasty for Nasal Movement with Animation

You raise many different questions which we cannot answer in this forum without pictures. Please send views of your face as described on my website.

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