My Nose Tip is Looking Too Upward After One Month of my Surgery is There Any Chance That It Will Come Down?

hi, i had done my rhinoplasti surgery before one month back,, but currently my nose tip is looking too upward,,,but it has come down when it was upward after the surgery,, my surgeon didnt use any implant to sharpen my nose tip he used my inside nose bone cut it down put it on my nose tip n done sharpening so its looking too upward even after one month still swelling there so is there any chance that it will come down.. i am so worried please help me.

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One month is very early for recovery following rhinoplasty, especially if an open approach was used.  The tip does tend to settle over time (months to years) depending on the techniques used so I would not despair.  I would follow up with your surgeon and ask about it, though.  Good Luck!

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Upward turned nose

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Swelling typically takes a full year to completely subside.  At one month, you probably still have about 30% of your swelling remaining depending in your skin thickness.  I would be patient and let the swelling subside and you should continue to see an improvement 

Mike Majmundar, MD
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Changes In Nose After Rhinoplasty

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Dear Dineshissad,


Swelling will not resolve at two months post your surgery. It is important to have a little more patience so nature can take its course and recovery can progress.


The tip of your nose will progress with time. I believe that it is too early to assess the results of your surgery.


I encourage you to keep your surgeon in the loop of your progress.


The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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