Is my Nose Still Swollen or is It Scar Tissue? Will my Nose Get Smaller? (photo)

I had my second rhinoplasty almost 6 month ago. My nose was shortened and narrowed. The bone swelling has settled down. But the whole cartilage “area”, not just the tip is almost bigger than before. And the tip is still long and droopy from the front. I have called my “busy” surgeon, but his assistants advised me to wait. I am not sure if my nose is swollen and if it gets smaller. I am worried that it is scar tissue, because my nose has not really changed for months.

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Is my Nose Still Swollen or is It Scar Tissue? Will my Nose Get Smaller?

 The nose may still get smaller at six months post Revision Rhinoplasty but from the photos provided I'm not sure the tip asymmetry would change.  You would have to discuss this with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon and perhaps have some consultations and other opinions on the matter.

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Swelling after revision rhinoplasty

After 6 months most of the swelling will have resolved, and you can only expect very subtle changes.   Your surgeonneeds to see you and have an open discussion.  I would agree that the area above the tip is rounded and swollen which is a classic post rhinoplasty undesirable result ( supratip deformity or "poly beak"), and virtually always requires revisional surgery to correct..  Your upper nose looks possibly  low ( over resected), although it is difficult to tell on these pictures.  If your primary surgeon is unresponsive, I would suggest seeking another opinion.  Sometimes swellling will respond to careful steroid injections, and that is worth a try.   

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Revision Rhinoplasty Tip

I am very sorry to say, but if your pictures are accurate, I don't think you will be happy with the final result.  You continue to have some classic problems that won't improve much with another 6 months.  

#1 the dorsum is over-resected

#2 the supratip area is too rounded and you lack a supratip break (pollybeak deformity)

#3 columella is long

#4 tip is overprojected

When a typically overgrown septum (tension nose), which you probably had before your first surgery, is not adequately addressed then the final result looks like what you have.  While I agree that the final result from a rhinoplasty can take up to a year before you see it, you should be much closer to the look you want.  About the only thing I see that may slightly improve is the supratip fullness with a Kenalog injection, but even that will provide minimal improvement.  I will post a link to a photo of a revision patient I cared for who had a very similar problem.  I wish you the best.


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