Will my Nose Stay the Same After Implant Removal?

Rhino + alar done 2 weeks ago. I like the look of it now however I hate the fact that I had a "nose job". I'd like to tell everyone I'm au natural. I will be removing the silicone implant in a few days(I'm firm on this decision) and I was wondering if my nose might stay this way? Or will they go back to my pre op? Because maybe the implant might caused my nose to stretched to be this height? Thx docs.and I'm NOT considering any revision, cartilage grafts or ANY injections. Just want it out.

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Will my Nose Stay the Same After Implant Removal?

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    After the swelling resolves the nose should look very similar after the implant is removed, provided there has been no other alteration to the nose during the rhinoplasty.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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