Will my nose get any smaller? (Photo)

Hi, I had close rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. After cast came off my nose looked really nice, unfortunately 3 hours later it got a lot of swelling and became huge. Now the swelling kind of subsided but it is still not what was after the cast came off. The tip is still quite hard and a bit swollen. I would love to have a little upturned tip but it doesn't look like one . Will it get any smaller with more definition in the tip? I do not really like it now.

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What to expect during recovery after rhinoplasty

Your nose will continue to change for up to a year after rhinoplasty surgery.  While the majority of the swelling will resolve in the first 3-6 months, it will continue to become smaller as it heals fully.  Touch base with your surgeon regarding your concerns as you follow up closely with him/her to ensure the best results.  

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Will my nose get any smaller?

5 weeks is still early with regard to swelling, and swelling will resolve over the next several months.

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Will my nose get any smaller?

5 weeks post op is very early in the healing stage for Rhinoplasty.  Your nose will change and the swelling start to subside over the next few weeks, and months.  The tip is always the last to feel normal.  It will continue to feel numb, or almost wood like for months.  Have patience and follow your surgeon's post op instructions for your best result.  Best wishes!

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