My Nose Runs Constantly 15 & 7 Years Years Post Op- Any Suggestions?

In 1998, I underwent rhinoplasty. I had to go back for a septorhinoplasty in 2005 due to a collapsed nostril and tip issues. Since the second surgery, my nose runs constantly- I will easily blow my nose 15 times a day. I have an ENT who has me on Atrovent. However, it wears off quickly. Can anyone recommend any other treatment or render any suggestions? Thanks.

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Runny nose after nose surgery

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I think this far out from the surgical procedure, the most likely cause is allergies and a trial of different nasal steroid ray sis indicated, some people respond to one better than another.

Nasal Inflammation

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Drainage from your nose is a sign of inflammation of the nasal tissues especially the turbinates.  Inflammation can be casued by many things including infection and allergy.  You should be evaluated for both causes and also different nasal steroid sprays can provide very different results.  Have your doctor try several as these medications provide the most direct effect on soothing inflammation in the nose.  Also a full allergy evaluation is indicated. 

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