Would my Nose Return to Its Exact Pre-Injection State After the Complete Breakdown of a Non Permanent(hyaluronic Acid) Filler?

by this time the effects of a non surgical nosejob have gone away,which was done for correcting crookedness on front view.A depression on the tip and concavity in mid portion was filled out injecting from the inside of nose.As of now,am concerned about noticing formation of hollows and some like signs of collapse over the treated areas.Instead of returning to normal,the contours seem to fall further in.Is it due to prior undetectable structural issues being highlighted after the intervention?

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Results after non surgical rhinoplasty

Dear Maria,

It all depends on how long ago the injections were.  In my experience, it seems as if the tissue go back to the way they were or maybe just a touch more filled in than before because of some increased collagen production from the injections.  In your case, it could be that some time has gone by and the soft tissue in the nose has thinned out a little (which happens as time goes on).  The best way to know exactly what is going on is to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation and all of your concerns can be addressed.


Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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