Will my Nose Look Different if I Remove the Silicone from my Rhinoplasty?

I have had two nose surgeries. The first one left my nose crooked or twisted I might say so I waited 6 months to get a revision rhinoplasty done by the same surgeon. As my nose starts to heal, I can see that it is starting to become crooked again. It made me realize my nose before the surgery was fine the way it is and I can live it. I just want to remove it. Is it possible that after removal of the silicone, my nose will return to the way it was once before?

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Will Nose Change after Removal of Silicone Implant?

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The silicone implant may be the cause of your crooked nose. After removal your nose will look different than it does now and it is extremely unlikely it will look like it did before your original operation or before the revision.

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Nose issues

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It is hard to say what your nose may look like after removal. Often the dorsum is rasped to allow the graft to stick in place. The graft pocket may have been angled and caused it to bend.  Or the graft itself9 if it was cartilage, may have bent on its own.

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Will my Nose Look Different if I Remove the Silicone from my Rhinoplasty?

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Your nose is probably crooked because the implant was not put in the proper plane and/or is too big. The best solution would be to revise the implant. You can just remove the implant but you may have deformities from that because to scar tissue that may have formed from the previous surgeries.



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