My nose looks "piggy" 4 weeks after surgery but it didn't look like that 1 week ago. Why?

4 weeks ago, I had a closed rhinoplasty done (I had my deviated septum straightened, a turbenectomy, nasal hump removed and tip of the nose lifted). I was happy with the results until about 1 week ago when the nose started to look "piggy", stiff and really fake. What could this be? My surgeon says it is more swollen than at first... Could this be true? And why will it swell more when it should be getting smaller?

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Piggy Results?

Swelling will exaggerate the elevation of the nasal tip. Consult and trust your surgeon and be patient. There is nothing you can do at this point except wait until the swelling resolves. If you are unsatisfied, seek a second opinion.

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