What changes does my nose need to be nice from profile without giving me a dramatic change from the front? (photos)

Hello!! I'm sorry is I keep asking about what to do with my nose,I just want to make sure what is the best for my nose and be prepare for everything .My profile is horrible I have a giant bump,my front site isn't bad but not straith ,my tip is ok(round tip) I like my nose is narrow in the top .when I smile my nose looks totally different ,my tip get wide and drop.Do I need tip and nostril reduction? Do I need size reduction of my nose ,it will look good on me a narrow nose(like the pics) .Thanks

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Nasal hump reduction

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Instead of asking what other people might like for your nose, the best way for you to visualize what YOU might like is to undergo a comprehensive evaluation followed by a goal setting session in front of a computer simulator, where you can pick goals that match your aesthetic taste and discuss the feasbilities of reaching those goals. You might find that a chin augmentation can be helpful with the hump reduction to balance your face. Be careful about reduction of your nose without considering how it might affect your breathing.

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What changes does my nose need to be nice from profile without giving me a dramatic change from the front?

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I think that dorsal hump reduction along with tip refinement and elevation through a closed rhinoplasty approach without any visible scars will provide you with a very nice improvement.  Alar base reduction can be considered as well.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Rhinoplasty can lower a bump on the top of the nose

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears as though you're an excellent candidate for a dorsal hump reduction to lower the bump on the top of your nose.  This will also help to raise the tip of your nose when you smile, but a few stitches in the cartilage of the tip of the nose can also help with this problem.  More information about this procedure, including before and after photos, can be found on the website listed below.

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