My Nose Has a Lot of Nostril Exposure, Can I Fix This? (photo)

i notice i have a lot of nostril exposure especially on one nostril. in which circumstances does a surgeon consider trimming/removing the nasal spine? ideally i want a nose that is vertically shorter, as i feel its also too long.

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Rhinoplasty - post surgery nostril exposure

Hi Your result is wonderful.  Enjoy it and let it settle- there will be some time required for the vestibular skin to retract.  There is a limit as to how much correction can be achieved in a long nose and when I review your photos it seems your outcome is excellent however the view provided may not show your problem exactly.  Do not attempt revision until all the tissues are fully healed from the first operation (6-12 months). 

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Nostril Exposure

A hanging columella with nostril show can be corrected by removing part of the nasal spine and distal septum which will also help to increase tip rotation and shorten the nose. Occasionally it is necessary to place a small cartilage graft to lower a retracted rim.A complete pictures would help to determine exactly what you need.

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