My Nose Looked So Nice when the Cast Came off. Now 1.5 Months Later, it is Larger?

Had revision rhinoplasty in June 2012. When the cast came off my nose looked a lot smaller, it was slim and straight even when I laughed. However, about 1 month and a half later my nose is larger than it was when the cast was removed, the sides of the tip stick out and it's more swollen. It doesn't look as nice, slim, straight and as refined as it was when the cast was removed. Why has my nose become lager less then 2 months after the cast came off when it was so nice at first.

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Early rhinoplasty result

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This may simply be due to swelling that maybe has appeared more so since the compression of the splint is gone.  It could be something more problematic due to blood or fluid accumulation or what is known as a polybeak deformity.  So this is really a question that your surgeon should answer during your follow-up examinations.

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