Will my Nose Get Longer? Nose Done Too Small and Upturned! (photo)

Hello Doctors, I got revision open Rhinoplasty on Aug29th. I wanted my bridge to be lowered, my nose upturned slightly and thinned form the top since it was very very wide. I did not know that the doctor had a more aggressive approach in mind. I wanted to still keep my nose in uniform with my face but now when I look in the mirror I cannot recognize myself. Do u think the tip of the nose will drop alot further and my nose longer? I am so upset. I am scared of what my friends+ family will think

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Will nose length improve?

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Dear Maria,

Do not despair. It is too early to worry about the long term shape of your nose. Give it time and see how it looks. Your tip will more than likely drop a bit and this will change the way you perceive the length. You have to allow the gross swelling to disappear and let nature take its course. Be patient.

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Will my Nose Get Longer? Nose Done Too Small and Upturned!

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    Decisions about the final shape of the nose should not be made while the splint is in place and the nose is taped.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Nose Too Short

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It is quite normal after rhinoplasty to have the tip rotate up slightly more than what is expected of the final outcome.  Changes to the face can also be quite stressful for patients. At this point it is quite early to evaluate your results as you are quite swollen and have your splint in place. The tip will come down some as healing and scarring takes place.  I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon at your earliest convenience.  Best wishes on your recovery.

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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