Will my Nose Heal or Will I Need a Nose Job?

im 16 someone said something about my nose I wanted my nose to become smaller so i started doing some stupid 'facercise' excercises to make it more smaller THEN it got swollen they didnt work then imaking a pouty face( as my nose looks 'nice' like that) and tried keeping my place into position for like 4 times throughout the day for30min even though it hurt(in total 2 hours) and i noticed it got flared,bigger then i touched/squeezed it for a few days can this heal in 2-3 weeks ?PLEASE HELP !

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Teen Rhinoplasty

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Hi Heyman,  Your teenage years can be a difficult time, and I'm sorry to hear that you were teased about your nose. I have never heard of any type of facial exercise which can alter the size of a person's nose, and I suggest you stop doing these since it seems you are experiencing pain and swelling. It sounds like the over-manipulation has irritated your nose, but a visit to your doctor/pediatrician can determine if there is any damage. In regards to reshaping your nose, since you are 16 now, I would suggest that you do some research on teen rhinoplasty and board-certified plastic surgeons, in the area where you live, who specialize in rhinoplasty. Then, sit down with your parents and talk to them about how you are feeling about your nose and ask if they will take you to a plastic surgeon for a consultation so you can get some real facts about nose reshaping. I wish you the best during this process.

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