Is my Nose Going to Get Thiner? Is It Just Swollen?

I had a setoplasty rhinoplasty. The doctor removed my hump and my tip was drippy he suppost to make my nose straighter butbit still look kinda crokked. My nose looks very wide and im really worried and sad about it.

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Is my Nose Going to Get Thiner? Is It Just Swollen?

   If you just had a septorhinoplasty, the swelling can be significant for weeks, and you will likely not realize your full results for a year.  Try to be patient and follow with your surgeon for reassurance.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Will septo-rhinoplasty swelling and crookedness improve?

Without knowing how far out from surgery you are, it will be difficult to give you an accurate answer to your question with regard to the final outcome of the width and alignment of your nose. If it is somewhat early (1-3 months postop), then you can expect more resolution of your swelling. Beyond that, there is less swelling resolution. But, expect some subtle changes up to 1 to 1 1/2 years following surgery. If, your nose is noticeably crooked right after surgery, unfortunately, it will most likely remain crooked. Best wishes!

Gregory Park, MD
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Expectations post-op rhinoplasty

Edema or swelling will continue for approximately one year after your surgery, but within the first three months, the majority of edema wil resolve.  Gravity will pull the swelling down towards the tip and settle in the tip while slowing resolving.  If the surgical procedure was an "open" rhinoplasty, meaning there was an incision made under the nose and the work performed openly, then the swelling is usually more evident compared to a "closed" rhinoplasty, when all the work is done through the openings of your nostrals but no incision was made.  There is less trauma from surgery with the closed procedure.  Your before and after pictures from the lateral view look good.  I am not sure how long it has been since your surgery, but the edema does settle in the tip for a period of time. 

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