How Should Be my Nose Fixed? (photo)

I strongly feel that my nose looks very large and rounded but the remaining portion i.e bridge looks fine .I want to know which procedure would be fine for fixing my nose.I read about cephalic trim but i am afraid it will look my nose occur even more longer.How should be it fixed??would cephalic trim be enough??

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Large tip

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Hi there,

Its always difficult with one photo so all the thoughts I provide are based on just the one photo only. We also like to see side views as well as views from the under surface of your nose. 

as you mention, your primary concern is that the Bone (upper part) is narrow and the tip (lower part) is wide. this is a common concern as many people just want some balance. 

There are many options for fixing this and most are a bit difficult to discuss without text, but I'll do my best to explain.

To get rid of the "bulbous" or rounded tip, people often perform what is called a cephalic trim and place a dome binding suture. This basically means, we trim off some of the extra bulbous tissue and use a stitch to make the tip a bit more narrow. The next thing we can do, is narrow the "flair" of your nostrils using techniques such as Weir Excisions. This involves removed a small flap of skin to narrow your nostril.

I dont want to get into too much detail, but in the end I'd suggest talking to a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon who is a FRCSC in Canada or Board Certified in the USA. 

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