How Can my Nose Be Fixed?

I don't see a lot of people with my type of nose, no one in my family has it as either. It is hard for me to get an I idea of what a rhinoplasty would look like for me since I haven't found a "before" picture I can identify with. I am 100% certain I want a rhinoplasty, I'm just curious what measures they would take to fix it (implants, removing cartilage, shaving the tip, etc..) I would appreciate honest opinions about my nose. Thanks.

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The rhinoplasty procedure usually involves conservative hump removal to start.  Once that is performed, osteotomies will need to be performed to narrow the nasal bones to prevent an open roof deformity.  Tucking of the caudal septum will reduce columellar show and will also shorten the nose.  Occasionally, a small piece of cartilage can be inserted up into the glabella area to give augmentation when the glabella is shallow.  Synthetic implants are usually not required.  There are many computer-imaging programs available for patients to do their own computer imaging.

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Certainly, you need a rhinoplasty and possbily a septoplasty if you are having difficulty breathing.  You need the tip elevated to increase projection, the dorsum straightened and removal of the dorsal hump.  It can all be done in about 2 to 3 hours as out-patient.  This is a commonly performed procedure that improves breathing and changes appearance.

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Youmappear to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.  Reoving the hump is done by shaving down the excess cartilage and bone and you would likely also need the bones broken as part of the procedure.  the hanging tip can also be corrected.  Consult with a few plastic surgeons and ask them to,show you cases they have done that are similar to yours.

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This is not an unusual nose to correct. Proper evaluation is needed before planning.

I see a hump but I also see a slightly underprojected tip compared to the length of the nose. What makes this rhinoplasty more tricky is the columellar-labial angle is good and any tip work should not exagerate the elevation of the columella. Once this evaluation is confirmed than visualisation of the nose with tracing or other computer software can be done.

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How Can my Nose Be Fixed?

 Aesthetically speaking, from the propfile view, there's a large dosral hump that can be reduced during the Rhinoplasty.  Removal of the hump will require breaking the bones to avoid an "open roof" deformity.  Breaking the bones is always a part of removing a significant hump.  

 Although a front picture is not included, I believe the nasal tip has significant facets in it making it appear unique.  These imndentations are most often found at the upper edges, of the nasal tip, where they make the nose appear more refined... however yours appears along the lower aspects of the nasal tip.  In that location, these facets can make the tip appear more broad and asymmetric.  Depending on what else needs to be done to the nasal tip, you might be a candidate for an Open Rhinoplasty which allows more detailed adjustments of the tip cartilages.  Hope this helps.  

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How can my nose be fixed?

Hello, I only have a front view, based on the one photo you posted I would say that rhinoplasty is in order. Schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. At your consult the surgeon will do some photo imaging and you will get a      good idea of what you can expect to look like after surgery. Good luck to you.

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Can this nose be fixed?

There are a lot of things that can be done with your nose.  The key is what don't you like about your nose and what are you looking for.


I would recommend looking for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience in Rhinoplasty.  I would also recommend seeing more than one Plastic Surgeon so that you can find one that you are comfortable with

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Correction of dorsal nasal hump and underprojected nasal tip

A rhinoplasty will definitely give you an improved nasal appearance.  From the photo that you have included it appears that you have a dorsal hump and a under projected nasal tip.  A rhinoplasty would be planned to reduce the dorsal nasal hump and cartilage grafting would be needed to improve your nasal tip projection.  A physical examination would be needed to determine if any other structure elements of the nose also need correction.  

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The best thing for you to do is go for a consultation and tell the surgeon what bothers you about your nsoe. Once an exam is performed a surgical plan can be developed.

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Rhinoplasty advice

Hi there,

You have a dorsal hump which is exaggerated by a lack of tip projection.

As others here have said, you are a good rhinoplasty candidate and the nose shape can be improved - that is, made more pleasing to you in shape.

Careful consultation and prep planning is necessary and computer imaging will be especially helpful.  Defining what you like and don't like before surgery or even a consultation is helpful. An important question for you (and everybody) is to come to a view about the importance to yourself of maintaining a similar look and ethnicity to the nose whilst refining it, or removing that from the nose as a consequence of changing its shape.

Technically, a dorsal refinement by lowering the bump, in fractures and spreader grafts are most likely required.  The tip will need its projection increased, either by columellar grafts or (given that your nose is relatively long) tip rotation and septal extension.

Start with consultations and imaging, and think it through carefully.  

Good luck.

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