I Had a Basal Carcinoma Removed 8yrs Ago. Can I Get my Nose Fixed?

8yrs ago, I had a basal carcinoma removed and it has misshapen my nose. The surgeon cut a flap to remove it and when it healed, the tip pulled to one side and is a lot less bulbous and half the nostril is gone, and the nostril hole is much wider than the other, also I can't breath to well because of scar tissue up my nose. It hasn't really depressed me, but it has affected my self confidence a lot, I haven't had a boyfriend since. What can be done? Thanks for your advice. Kind regards.

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No photo?

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It is very hard to suggest a strategy to correct this without a photo.  Sometimes corrections can be simple with skin grafts.  Other times a 2 stage procedure with a forehead flap is necessary.  If you could provide a photo we could better recommend what course to take.  Best wishes!

Rhinoplasty after basal cell carcinoma removal

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Basal cell carcinoma on the nose can cause twisting and alteration of the nasal pyramid and tip.   Rhinoplasty techniques that are going to be an option for you will depend on many variables such as, placement and size of the basal cell carcinoma, type of reconstruction that was performed, and progression of healing since reconstruction.  Asymmetrical nostrils can sometimes be addressed with composite skin grafts placed inside the alar rim and are used for alar notching.  A unilateral alarplasty can be performed, to address this problem.

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