My nose is deviating to the left?

My nose has been curving to the left since I was about 15.It was always slightly curved,at the time I didn't notice,no one did.Then it started to hurt,and eventually I noticed it was turning into a c shape,with the curve towards the left of my face.In the last month it's gotten so painful I can't sleep,can't breath either,and I'm getting dry blood in my nose(I hardly ever get nose bleeds.My nose doesn't even look like my own nose anymore,even my mum noticed and I can't wear my glasses straight!

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My nose is deviating to the left.

Photographs would be helpful. From your description it sounds like the symptoms you are experiencing may result from some structural abnormalities in your nose. Seek a consultation with a board certified surgeon experience in nasal surgery. Your surgeon should be able to evaluate your nose inside and out and explain what options are available to improve your nasal breathing and cosmesis.

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