My Nose Got Bumped Just 2 Weeks Post Op but Nothing Looks Different and There is No Swelling. Will Damage Show Up Later?

It has only been a couple of hours but there is no swelling and nothing looks any different. It hurt very little after being hurt. And the pain is now completely gone. The redness in the left corner is a blemish.

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Appropriate post-operative follow up

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If there was minimal pain and the nose looks the same to you, then it's unlikely to have caused any permanent damage. However, the best reassurance would come from following up with your surgeon and allowing him/her to evaluate your nose.

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Trauma after nasal surgery

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Based on your single photo and your brief story, I believe you will have no long term effects from the " bump" to your nose. I would strongly recommend you make a follow up appt. with your surgeon ASAP .

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