My Nose is Bruised and Sore, and I Have a Black Eye. Could my Nose Be Broken? (photo)

I was hit with a phone (accidentally) and it caused immediate bruising, swelling, and bleeding. I woke up with a black eye, and the bruising on my nose is now purple. My nose still hurts, but the swelling has gone down. It hurts to sneeze now, and i can wiggle my nose just a little, with out extreme pain. is my nose broken? or just severely bruised?

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Broken nose

 There is no way to diagnose a broken nose  without a physical examination and x-rays of the nasal bones to document fracture. Probably best to seek an ENT or facial plastic surgeon to examine the internal next a portion of the nose. Please see the link below for examples of fractured noses we have straightened

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Broken nose

the nose is a very sensitive organ. although nasal bones are hard, they can easily be broken, even with minor accidents. many "breaks" are small enough that when swelling subsides there is no change to the appearance or function of the nose. some "breaks" however, do leave the nose looking different. sometimes they can even cause individuals to have problems with breathing. i would recommend going to a doctor to have your nose evaluated as soon as possible. if the nose is broken and the bones displaced, they may be able to straighten it with a simple procedure. if you wait to see a doctor and there is a significant change to the nose, you may need a full rhinoplasty to get it fixed.


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