Can you please tell me if my nose is broken and my lateral walls need to be fixed? (photo)

Can you please tell me if my nose is broken and my lateral walls need to be fixed or if I only have a deviated septum? I know that my septum deviates to the right.

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Nasal fracture?

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 I have seen cases where simply correcting the deviated septum will straighten the outside of the nose.  I usualkly fix the septum and while the patient is on the table assess the upper lateral cartilages.  If they come into alignment your done.  If not, as is often the case, more surgery is required for symmetry.

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Rhinoplasty for nasal fracture

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 Nasal trauma can result in a fracture of the nasal bones with associated upper lateral cartilages. When the nose is crooked and twisted it is usually related to previous trauma. A deviated septum can also result from the injury as well as a fractured nose. In most cases repair of a deviated septum on the internal portion of the nose  and straightening the outside of the nose  are performed simultaneously. Please see the  link below where we have performed a rhinoplasty to straighten out  previously fractured noses

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