How Do I Know if my Nose is Broken? (photo)

A long time ago like maybe 7 years ago I hit my nose really hard on a table side. Evidently I don't remember for I was far too little. Ever since I can remember I get way to many nose bleeds and headaches and my nose is slightly slanted to the left and when I run my finger down my nose it's not smooth there's a bump in the middle and I still get nosebleeds and headaches all the time and still have a slanted nose 7 years after and haven't seen a doctor. What should I do?

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Broken nose and nose bleeds

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 Nosebleeds and headaches are not caused from an old nasal fracture for many years ago. A nasal fracture is documented  at the time of consultation and physical examination. Nosebleeds can be from a variety of sources and can be simply cauterized in the office when they become troublesome.  Headache evaluation will should be addressed with a CAT scan of the sinuses to look for sources of nasal polyps causing headaches. Straightening the nose with a rhinoplasty could would be performed to improve the look and function of the nose

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How Do I Know if my Nose is Broken?

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You should seek a consultation with a board certified ENT or Facial Plastic Surgeon. They can evaluate your nose, assess whether it has likely been broken and let you know why you're having nosebleeds and associated problems. They can also suggest what options might be most helpful to remedy these issues. I hope this information is helpful.

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Has your nose been broken?

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If you look at photos of yourself before the nasal trauma compared to photos after and notice that your nose is crooked, this could be an indication that your nose has been broken in the past. With regard to nose bleeds, a good internal nasal exam would be helpful in determining a cause. Thanks for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes.

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How do I know if my nose is broken?

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The majority of people have a history of some type of trauma to their nose with an associated fracture.  People may or may not recall an event as such.  I do not believe the nose bleeds and headaches are secondary to the possibility of fracture 7 years ago.  I do see the dorsal hump.  This hump is in the boney structure and is easily taken down in surgery.  There are two types of rhinoplasties, open and closed.  I perform the closed procedure the majority of the time.  This provides the patient with results sooner rather than later secondary to less trauma to the soft tissues during surgery.  It is always possible the nose bleeds and headaches would cease post-operatively but I could not promise.  I would recommend, if you haven't done so already, undergoing evaluation by your primary care physician for the bleeds and headaches.  If I can be of further assistance, please contact my office.

Thank you.

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