Is my Nose Broken? Hit on the Side of Nose and is Crooked?

i got into a fight today when this kid hit me on the side of the nose and my friends saw that it was crooked and when i move it it hurts and now i got a runny nose after i got hit. 

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Symptoms of a broken nose

It is very possible that the trauma inflicted on your nose has caused a nasal bone fracture.  Common symptoms of a nasal bone fracture include pain, swelling,  bloody nose, bruising of nose and face, crooked shape after trauma, difficulty breathing, and rhinorrhea (runny nose).  I would highly recommend you be formally evaluated by a facial plastic surgeon or Otolaryngologist (ENT).  The rhinorrhea (runny nose) that you are complaining of can be caused by a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak, which is a leakage of fluid from the brain into the nose. CSF leaks are possible complications of head trauma, therefore I suggest you be evaluated.  Good Luck 


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Broken nose

when someone gets hit in the nose there is the chance of braking it.  it has been my observation that most people with broken noses get some bleeding - you did not mention that.  that does not mean it is not broken. i think you should visit a doctor or the emergency room to get a diagnosis. 

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Broken and twisted nose

  Nasal trauma can cause fracture of the nasal bones, the septum, and the upper lateral cartilages can become dislocated off the nasal bones. It's important to document the fracture see if facial plastic surgeon  for consultation, and obtain x-rays to document the fracture itself. It's always best to have this nose fracture  re-set with osteotomies and possible cartilage grafts if needed within the first month after the injury. it's also important to make sure there is no septal hematoma present.

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