Could my Nose Have Been Broken? (photo)

3/4 years ago I was hit in the face with a rounders ball, I was wearing glasses and the ball pushed them into the bridge of my nose (To the point where the skin was broken). It hurt, but I did not seek medical attention or put ice on my nose. Before the accident I had a slight bump on the nose, but after I have a relativley large bump. Could I have broken my nose and not have known? Could I have this filed down?

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Possibly broken nose

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It is possible that you broke your nose with your prior injury. In some situations the nasal bones may be broken and as the bones heal a bony callus can form leading to a hump. In either case it is possible to file down the bump with rhinoplasty surgery.

You can learn more about bridge hump removal at my web reference link below.

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Could my Nose Have Been Broken?

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Even with the posted photos very hard to advise the cause of your "hump". Best to obtain IN PERSON evaluations from local boarded rhinoplasty surgeons in your city. Yes is my answer to both your questions. 

Changes after Nasal Trauma

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Yes, you could have broken your nose which may have caused a larger bump on the bridge. This could be removed by filing the nasal bone and excising the cartilage hump. Your question can be answered after examination of your nose.

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Broken nose

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The nose is a 3 dimensional structure, so it is difficult to tell from just a side profile view.  A dorsal hump can be filed down and removed, and osteotomies can re-align  the nasal bones which can all be performed thru closed rhinoplasty techniques.  It is also important to make sure the septum is not fractured as well

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Symptoms Nasal Fracture

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A trauma to the nose particularly one that creates a break in the skin can be the cause of a nasal fracture.  In general with a nasal fracture there is bleeding from inside the nose, although not always. Pain and swelling are also common symptoms.  Frequently the nasal fracture or deviation can be obscurred by swelling.  If recognized close to the time of the injury a simple closed reduction procedure can shift the nasal bones back into place.  When recognized or addressed after the bones have healed a slightly more involved procedure is performed.

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Nasal Trauma and Rhinoplasty

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Nasal trauma could have caused a change in the appearance of the hump.   Rhinoplasty through a closed approach (no  can bring about the improvement you want without creating additional changes.  This would be a short procedure about 15 minutes in duration.   Good luck.

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