Is my Nose Broken ?

Hello, Yesterday i was playing football in my room, i fell down and hit my nose. Now when i touch my nose on one side it's normal and on the other side there is one bit that feels like there is no bone. Is there any way to fix it my self if not what should i do with it. thanks for answers.

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Evaluation of Possible Broken Nose

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Do not try to diagnose your problem and treat yourself. There are problems such as a hematoma (collection of blood) that can destroy cartilage after a nasal fracture. At least have a physician examine your nose even if you decide not to have treatment at this time.

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You nose may be broken, please see a qualified doctor

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I am sorry to hear about your accident.  There is no way to tell if your nose is broken without an examination it.  Typical signs that your nose may be broken:


1)  Significant bleeding after the trauma

2)  There is a visual change of your nose.  It appears crooked.

3)  Pain when touching the nose

4)  You can feel a ledge where the bone may be broken


You need to see a qualified doctor to evaluate your nose.  If you broke your nose, it can be "reset".  I typically do this within 24 hours or 5-7 days after the injury.  The reason I wait to reset the nose is to allow time for the swelling to go down.  With less swelling, I can tell the best location to "reset" your nose. 


I hope this helps.

Broken nose?

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Yes, it could be broken, but there is no way to determine this without a physical examination. I would not suggest trying to fix it yourself, but seek professional care to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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