Is my nose broken? Or can the accident have caused a deformity? (photo)

A few years ago i bumped into a wall my nose bled and i blacked out for a few seconds. My father told me to just put ice on it. But there is a bump on my bridge and my nose is sort of sagging towards the end. This happened a few years back, i was a kid and so im not quite sure of how my nose looked before this incident.

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Regardless of the history, you would be well-served with a rhinoplasty

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Dear Fara.mousta; It's possible when you injured your nose, you broke it.The tell-tale sign of bleeding was present. It must have been quite a hit if you "blacked out" for a few seconds.The bump on your nose and the sagging towards the end may have been the result of the accident to some degree, but most likely, the hard bump is not entirely responsible for your nose's appearance. If photos of you exist as a youngster, you may want to look at those, although noses typically change in early teen years. But maybe the accident happened before that. If you are not happy with the appearance of your nose, whether you broke it or not, I would definitely seek a rhinoplasty consultation.You have other excellent facial features and certainly would be pleased with a natural looking rhinoplasty. Also, from what I glean, you have somewhat of a receding chin.You may want to ask the consulting surgeon about that. It's very important for profiles to have the chin meet the ideal standard. That's a vertical line dropped from the lower lip; nose and chin should meet that line. I mention the chin because, regardless of the result that can be achieved with the nose, it is still not the only feature of the profile. When people look at a nose in profile, it is important to evaluate how far forward the chin goes.It may not be important to you now and, therefore, you could certainly defer that.You may wish to have only the rhinoplasty done at this point and have the chin implant done at a later time. That is fine too, but there are advantages in doing two procedures at once in an economy of time, dollars, and recovery. It certainly is wise to have one anesthetic rather than two and to use the same seven to 10-day recovery period to recover from two operations. I hope this is helpful. Study up. Learn as much as you can.Visit my and the websites of other surgeons who offer many before and after rhinoplasty photos. Study the photos. Look at patients' results in terms of naturalness and if you would be happy with the kind of results you see. Best wishes, Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
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Rhinoplasty for broken nose and hump reduction

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The rhinoplasty procedure  can address shaving down the dorsal hump which is composed of both bone and cartilage. Osteotomies of the nasal bones  will be required to narrow and straighten crooked nasal bones from a potential fracture. Also important to make sure there is not a deviated septum on the internal portion of the nose from the fracture. Any other cosmetic adjustments can be made to the nose including the tip if needed. Virtual rhinoplasty software is available on our website along with our rhinoplasty photo gallery located on the link below.

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Is my nose broken? Or can the accident have caused a deformity?

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It's possible that you had a broken nose. It's also possible that this changed the shape of your nose after the injury. Regardless, rhinoplasty can be used to create the changes that you are looking for in terms of reducing the bump and changing the drooping of your tip. During a consultation with a rhinoplasty expert, you will learn exactly what is involved in this procedure and the changes that are typically created.

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Is my nose broken? Or can the accident have caused a deformity?

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Without in person examination very hard over the internet to tell oif you had a fracture. Also obtaining X-rays of the nasal bones could demonstrate old healed fracture line. But with that said you appear to have a genetic large nose and hypoplasia of the chin. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions..


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Thank you for the photos and clearly you have a bump.  Whether it was caused by an accident in childhoodat at this point does not matter.  The good news is that your appearance could be radically improved with a rhinoplasty and possible chin augmentation.

Dr. Corbin

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Possible septorhinoplasty candidate or rhinoplasty candidate

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Dear Farah.Mousta, While the incident you discuss above may have caused some problems inside the nose I would not say it is the cause of your overall appearance of your nose. Upon an examination it would be determined if you have any septal deviation from the incident and if you broke your nose. Do you have any current problems breathing that were not present prior to the wall incident? You would be a candidate for either septorhinoplasty or rhinoplasty to help with the concerns that you discuss above as well as any possible breathing issues from the accident. Every different ethnicity has it's set of common aesthetics and these must be taken into consideration to attain a very natural looking appearance after surgery. You may also be a candidate for a chin implant to help better balance your facial structures. A consultation with digital imaging will be able to show you the proposed surgical result allowing you to see the possibility of change and then your surgeon would discuss what needs to be done to attain that desired result. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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