My Nose Bridge Isn't Growing Well?

My nose bridge isn't growing as much , also my nose is abit soft & also the tip isn't really pointy , basically my nose isn't as defined as it is to be . I'm already 15 this year , and i have heard alot about nose that will stop growing at 16 . I'm a girl btw . So i'm wondering if there's a chance that it'll still grow out ?

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How your nose grows

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Yes, in most cases a young lady's nose stops growing by 16.  BUT, everyone is different.  If you are still growing, your nose may still grow.  If you nose looks flat, is it possible you may have fallen on your nose as a child?  How is your breathing?  If the growth centers in your nose were damaged at a young age, it could affect how your nose grows.  And finally, I have seen some young ladies whose noses grow later in their teens.  I would suggest an exam by a Facial Plastic Surgeon.  

Nasal Growth and Rhinoplasty

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      Nasal Growth, in some cases, may continue beyond 16 years of age in females.  This is largely determined by pubertal timing and overall musculoskeletal growth.  If you have not grown or developed in the last year, then you are probably finished.  Everyone is different.  I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.  Good luck.

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