My Nose Has Become Wide After Septoplasty. I Had Septoplasty About a Week Ago, is It Swelling or Permanent?

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Swelling after Surgery

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One week after surgery is too soon to be looking for shape and size results. Swelling begins to subside after about 10 days but it is a very gradual process. I advise my patients that the final results after surgery will not be apparent until approximately one full year after surgery. It is important to have patience with your body right now and to give it the time required to fully heal. Be sure to visit your surgeon’s office if you have any questions and always follow your post-operative instructions.

Wide nose 1 week after septoplasty

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Dont worry at one week it is definitely swelling. A septoplasty doesn't affect the width of the nose surgically

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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