Do You Think my Nose is Bad Enough the Insurance Will Pay to Get Fixed? (photo)

When i was first born sometime my noise got broken. I have a bone in the right side nostrilse. I don't really breathe out of my nose,because it's hard out of the right side. Im so used to breathing out of my mouth i don't really think about it. but i do snore and iev already had my tonsils and adenoids removed. My nose is crooked. Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks so much

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Will Insurance Pay for my Nasal Surgery?

Insurance companies typically pay for correction of breathing problems. Your pictures show multiple anatomic reasons for your nasal obstruction including septal deviation, almost total obstruction of your right nostril, as well as nasal valve collapse. After consultation the surgeon's office can help you determine if your insurance company will cover some of your surgical charges.

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