How Can I Get to my Normal Hair Growth?

I used latisse as directed for a month or plus, and I noticed the significant growth of my eyelashes. On the other hand, I discovered that hair has grown on new places on my cheeks, the corner of my eyes, and in general my body's hair growth became more rapid. I used to wax every 2months and now before the first month ends, I need to wax. PLz give me a solution to get back to my normal!!! Even my husband is noticing the difference

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Normal Hair Growth after Latisse use

Latisse must be applied in a thin line to the base of the top lashes only. If you are putting it on your bottom lashes you may be unwittingly transferring it to your cheeks and the corner of your eyes. You only need enough Latisse to make the lash line moist. If there is more than that, it may spread. To return to normal hair growth, simply stop applying it to the unwanted areas. Latisse can only affect the follicles to which it is applied. If you're getting growth in other areas, it is not related to the Latisse and may be hormonal. If you naturally have a lot of hair on your cheeks, laser hair removal is an option.

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Latisse and Hair Growth on Cheeks

    Latisse can cause hair growth outside the area of the eyelashes.  The medication has to be applied precisely, and it cannot be allowed to migrate.

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Hairs growing from Latisse use

Several things here: 1. Latisse can cause hair growth if you are getting it on places like the cheeks or outer eyes, and that's why it needs to be applied very carefully and only to the areas you want to get the growth. If you have lots of active hair follicles (which you must if this is happening), even a tiny bit with each application will cause hairs to grow there. So be careful where you are applying it! 2. If you are getting growth on areas of your body that aren't being treated with Latisse, this would have absolutely nothing to do with the Latisse. You could have a hormonal issue or something else, totally unrelated to the Latisse, but just coincidence. Latisse only works where it is applied. It is not systemic so it can't grow hairs in other places. Remember that each person has follicles that will grow and develop at different points in their lifetime, so the new growth in new areas, would be just newly activated follicles, or could be hormonal.

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