My Nipples Are Raised to High After Breast Lift, It's Been 5 Days Will This Change?

I had a breast lift about 5 days ago with a lollipop incision with no implants. Yesterday Dec 22, 12 I got my bandages removed and notice that my nipples are placed really high, my surgeon said something abt but I don't remember, I will ask him on my next appointment . But for now I feel really bad about the lift. Will it stay like this or will the shape change, they look like long rectangles and my nipples are to high

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Too soon to assess results

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Please wait for a few months before assessing your results, as your breasts are currently affected by swelling and overly tightened tissues. As you recover, your breasts will relax and swelling will subside. However, make sure to remain in contact with your surgeon just in case complications arise.

Nipples too high after breast lift

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In general, 5 days is almost always too soon to determine what the final results of a breast surgery might be. With that being said, nipple position with a breast lift almost always gets higher with time and not lower. You would be best to address this with your surgeon and specifically ask about your concerns. 

Best to direct early post-op questions to the operating surgeon

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best to direct early post-op questions to the operating surgeon, to avoid confusion and possible problems in your communication with your surgeon.

Concerns about Position of Nipple/Areola after Breast Lifting?

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As you can imagine, without direct examination it is not possible to give you precise advice. However, it is safe to say that, after 5 days, you are not seeing the final results of the procedure performed.  I think that you will find that the breasts will change in size/shape over the course of the next several months. Hopefully, these changes will result in an improved nipple/areola position  on the breast mounds.
In the meantime, I would suggest continued patience and continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.
Best wishes;  hopefully, you will be very please with the long-term outcome of the breast lifting procedure.

Nipples Are Raised too High After Breast Lift

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This question is not possible to answer without the opportunity to look at photos, current and pre-op. 

Five days is early to evaluate the shape. If the nipple position really is high, it is not likely that that will change, but often it only appears high due to the shape changes early on, and this may change.


Review all your issues with your surgeon.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

High nipple position with "lollipop" lift

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Dk11: Take a deep breath, write down your concerns and address them with your PS.  The "lollipop lift" scar pattern is usually associated with a vertical mastopexy (lift), which was a technique popularized in the mid 90's.  It was theorized that the lower pole skin would shrink thereby avoiding the horizontal scar at the base of the breast.  Some PS have had great results with the "LeJour" technique but most of my patients prefer to have a good shape, over limiting the length of the scar.  Discuss this with your PS and wait his/her recommended interval.  If the breast shape and nipple position doesn't meet your criteria, you may consider a minor adjustment, taking additional skin from the base of the breast and running the horizontal scar within the fold.  This should solve the problem.  Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift

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Without a picture of before and also after, it is impossible for us to comment on your results.  However, over time, the beasts do settle after a lift, so I think it is a little too early for you to get worried.  However, the best person to answer this is your surgeon.  I would suggest that you write down all of your questions and then write down the answers they give you so that you don't have an issue of not remembering what the doctor tells you.  


Good Luck.

Nipple placement

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Sorry without a picture it is impossible to answer your question, however the nipple areolar complex can appear high and then descend to a normal position with time on certain vertical breast lift procedures.  Good luck.

NIpples too high after a breast lift

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Without a proper evaluation, it is impossible for me to evaluate whether or not your nipples are too high.

Nipple position after breast lift

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Hi. It is too early to predict the final outcome after only five days. The position will change (particularly with a 'lollipop' style incision) in the coming months. If you are still unhappy with the position after 3-4 months, please post some photographs.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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