Can my nipples be moved after Breast Reduction? What is the best way to correct this? (photo)

I was left very asymmetric after my reduction. My nipples are very off centered. The right nipple is too high and slightly too far to the edge and the left which I've pictured is very far off to the side of the breast. Can nipples be moved inward easily? I was also lifted very high and more tissue removed than I preferred.

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Revisions can always be done

to improve results but you must weigh that against the potential risks and costs.  Your scarring is superb and if your asymmetry is not way off, it would be best to simply leave it as is.  Scarring could rear its head when revisions and you may still not achieve perfection.  So discuss with your surgeon and see what options are there for you and then make the best decision for yourself.

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Can my nipples be moved after Breast Reduction? What is the best way to correct this?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast reduction surgery. Generally speaking, revisionary breast surgery may help to improve your situation, based on your description of concerns. However, exactly what would be possible/necessary, will depend on your physical examination and goals. For example, if you feel that your nipple/areola complexes are too high (“stargazing”), excision of additional skin along the lower poles of the breasts may serve to better center the nipple/areola complexes on your breast mounds. I would suggest that you  communicate your concerns/questions/goals directly with your plastic surgeon in front of the full-length mirror. Best wishes.

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Can my nipples be moved after Breast Reduction?

Nipples can be moved after reduction with a breast lift technique.  This would most likely involve re-opening your previous incision sites, excising additional skin, and closing.  I recommend waiting 4-6 months from your reduction to allow your skin and tissues to relax and swelling to resolve.  This can sometimes happen after breast reduction.  Please tell your plastic surgeon your concerns.  He/she will be able to tailor a plan to fit your aesthetic goals.  

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Can my nipples be moved after Breast Reduction? What is the best way to correct this?

You needed to post a frontal full view photo so we could see the N/A asymmetry.. Also a before posted photo would help.....

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Nipple movement after a breast reduction.

The shape and look from the side in your photos looks very  nice. It is difficult to see from this angle.  It may be possible but an exam in  person is essential.

Steven Wallach, MD
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